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Domestic Airline Tickets Cost

How Much Do Domestic Airline Tickets Cost?

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Domestic airfare can vary by distance, the time of year, the advance purchase of tickets, the number of competing flights and the type of airline. Overall, many prices are going up, especially with increased demand and higher fuel costs.

Below are tips we've compiled to help you find the best deals for low-cost domestic airfare.

  • First, compare the major travel booking sites, especially Expedia and Orbitz.
  • Be sure to compare discount air carriers that may not be listed on the major travel sites. For these, you'll need to go directly to the airlines' websites. Southwest has many flights especially in the south and southwest and have especially good values if you purchase tickets in advance. Jetblue is rapidly growing and also has some very good prices.
  • A new trend are aggregators, such as and According to a study by MSNBC, aggregators can often save you some money over traditional booking sites by aggregating prices from a wide variety of sources.
  • After you've found the best fare for you, check the rate if you purchase the ticket directly from the airline. You might find that the airline offers a better rate by having lower booking fees.
  • Finally, if you're flexible in terms of which airline you'll fly and don't mind that you may not end up with tickets, you can use "name your price" websites, such as Priceline. A recent study by Consumers Union found that consumers could save 20% or more by bidding less than the published prices of other airlines, often saving hundreds of dollars.
Article updated November 2006
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